Live Streaming

Live Streaming your next concert, conference or sporting event can be successfully accomplished using our world class Content Delivery Network. Our worldwide CDN spans the globe with millisecond viewer connectivity in Munich, Sydney, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Dallas, London, Singapore, Atlanta, Amsterdam, Seattle, Hong Kong, Washington DC and Dubai. Regardless of device, location or connection speed your viewers will experience an instant-on experience from one of our global strategically-located nodes.

Omnimediacast's robust infrastructure provides content creators with highly reliable delivery method for various events, including:

Concerts, conferences and sporting events training, distance learning and special meeting regional, national and international press conferences

Omnimediacast (CDN) provides turn-key streaming delivery solutions for online media distribution. We simplify and streamline media delivery so our customers can focus on content creation.



Omnimediacast now offering an AUTO-Record feature that allows you to publish your videos moments after your live broadcast is finished.This feature can be setup as an auto recorder, this means each time you start your live stream your services are recorded and stored in our Streamline Video Management database as an On Demand file.

This recording feature also has a manual record function; this option allows your organization to begin recording your service at anytime during your live broadcast, a great option if you want to offer On Demand viewing of sermons without having to edit your program(s) before uploading. The manual recording option will also allow your ministry to provide content in a more timely and efficient manner. The choice is totally in your hands. When you choose to manually record your program(s), it allows the broadcast to stream live, and start and stop recording when you choose without interrupting the live service in progress.

Simulated Live Streaming has the ability to stream archived video content to play at specific times and increase viewership. You can webcast single or multiple video files in a single day, week, or month. You can choose to webcast different files at different times in Live broadcast format. Just upload your video files, set the order in which you'd like them to play, schedule a start time.