24/7 (Internet) TV

24/7 Internet Television has quickly become an essential and cost saving service for broadcasters of all types and sizes. In today's highly connected world, it makes sense to stream live broadcast and on-demand television programming over the Internet. Broadband proliferation, improved computing power and larger (and less expensive) storage capacity have all turned Internet TV into a viable, revenue-generating model. The promise of additional viewership alone is huge - even shows that have been limited to a specific geographic region can suddenly have worldwide saturation through 24/7 Internet TV. And of course, with increased viewership comes the potential for additional revenue from advertisers.

The opportunities and possibilities of 24/7 Internet TV is as infinite as your imagination and creativity. You can broadcast your videos in multiple formats. Conceive any idea or project relating to videos and 24/7 Internet TV will be there to give excellent shape to your vision.


Omnimediacast’s infrastructure is robust, cutting edge, industry leading and world class. Our worldwide network is supported by the latest technologies, hardware and software to broadcast any type/size 24/7 Internet TV Network. The professional team at Omnimediacast will give you hands on, around the clock customer service for your 24 /7 TV Network while you concentrate on producing Video content.







  • Showcase and Broadcast your content in one place as an effective tool for education, entertainment, or product promotion broadcasting.
  • Develop exclusive content.
  • Generate online contributions (Non-Profit Organizations).
  • Globally expand your reach and your message.
  • Attention-grabbing communications to audiences worldwide.
  • Instantly connect with your audience.
  • Encoding and transcoding of your videos with multi bitrates and in multiple resolutions to enhance the quality of your videos.
  • Dynamic/Adaptive streaming of videos which detects the viewer's bandwidth and delivers the best quality video according to his/her bandwidth even during playback.
  • Insert your video advertisements before, in-between and after your videos.
  • Protected Streaming (DRM): All your videos are fully protected and cannot be copied, downloaded or stolen.
  • Stream Live Broadcast into your 24/7 Scheduled programming.
  • Hot Link Denial: Your videos cannot be embedded at any other website without your permission.
  • Sell time slots to generate revenue.
  • Compared to traditional television, Internet TV will provide you a much greater value for your investment with lower costs and more flexibility. You also have a great opportunity to uniquely define your media brand more distinctly through your own channel.
  • Internet TV allows your organization to more accurately calculate, attract, track, and connect with your viewing audience based on the analytical demographic tool that comes with your system.