1. Check if your internet is working?

  • If you open your browser (Firefox, Safari, Opera, Mozilla, Internet Explorer) and try to log into a page that you have looked at before (use the bookmarks, or the History menu), and you get a message saying "Can't find" or "Server can't be found" then probably your internet connection isn't working. Check that your modem/router is powered up.
  • Reboot it (Turn it off for a minute, then on again).
  • Reboot the computer (Restart it).
  • Telephone your internet provider.

2. If your internet is working, but you can’t connect to the BFMI Live Broadcast. 

  • You should try clearing your history (cache) so that your computer can connect to the Live Broadcast.  The following sites will instruct you on how to clear your history ( memory cache) for your specific browser:

3. Once you have cleared your history (cache)

  • You will need to completely closed down your internet browser and reopen it. After reopening your internet browser, try going to the site to view the live broadcast.

4. Check your internet speed.  

  • If your video is skipping or freezing, your internet may too slow to view the live broadcast.
    You may try to check your internet connection speed at : http://www.testmyspeed.com